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Re: paper art

=0D=0D-------------------- Begin Original Message --------------------=0D=
=0DMessage text written by "Book_Arts-L: The list for all the book arts!"=
=0D=0D"If the paper is soft, keep in mind not to press to hard with the i=
ron or=0Dyou'll get indents from the edge of the iron.  I think another p=
iece of=0Dpaper on top is a good idea.=0D=0DColette Vosberg=0D"=0D=0D=0D-=
------------------- End Original Message --------------------=0D=0DI've f=
ound a dry mount press works well with Arches watercolor paper. =0DIt wil=
l flatten paper evenly. The 140 LB Arches flattens out nicely,=0Deven aft=
er much distortion from having been soaked in water. =0D=0DUse Seal Silic=
on Release paper in dry mount press (most photographers =0Dwill have this=
), press paper for a minute or two on a medium to low setting, =0Dwith re=
lease paper on either side, take handmade paper out and let it cool =0Dbe=
tween boards.=0D=0DI use birch plywood boards from book press for this. =0D=
=0DAll you need is to find a photographer with a dry mount press!=0D=0DBe=
st=0D=0DSusan King=0DParadise Press=

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