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Re: artist/craftsperson

>This, I believe, points EXACTLY to the difference between the artist and
>the craftsperson.  The FIRST person who threw a paint bucket at the wall
>was an artist--challenging our notions about what art is. Throwing the
>paint DIDN'T take skill--but thinking to do so DID.  AFTERWARDS, every
>other "idiot" who threw a bucket in hopes of making art, is a craftsperson,
>following a recipe the first artist figured out.

So (to make a leap), by this definition, Cezanne may (historically, there
may be argument) be the first person to cut up a painting's visual
'reality' in a way which is at least a precursor to cubism. And Picasso,
Braques, Gris, and many others would be "idiots" who joined in the act, and
they would be craftspersons. Can't they all be artists AND craftspeople? I
don't think the first person to do a thing is the only one who can be
called an artist.


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