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Re: artist/craftsperson

>So (to make a leap), by this definition, Cezanne may (historically, there
>may be argument) be the first person to cut up a painting's visual
>'reality' in a way which is at least a precursor to cubism. And Picasso,
>Braques, Gris, and many others would be "idiots" who joined in the act, and
>they would be craftspersons. Can't they all be artists AND craftspeople? I
>don't think the first person to do a thing is the only one who can be
>called an artist.

All are artists...I always thought of C=E9zanne as the first to begin (as he
is called "the Father of Modern Art" or at the very least Cubism...ya gotta
love C=E9zanne)...and Picasso and Braque taking cubism to its logical
conclusion...but we can't forget that they were "artists" before cubism, or
before cubism was given the name "cubism"... they spotted something in what
C=E9zanne was doing and it sparked their creativity in that area...as far as
any craftsmanship...I have always thought Braque the better painter than
Picasso...and we all know how horribly Cezanne was criticized for his lack
of ability...but who's to say. Is C=E9zanne less an artist because someone
with less vision said so? Nope. Personally, I think Picasso produced alot
of schlock, but do I deny him the genius his possessed for what
masterpieces he did produce....no....I realize my limitations in what I see
or can see in his work at this time in my life...well, maybe there is
nothing to see ultimately...but I am open to the possibilities.

So, to me they are all artists...who all went off to do their other
explorations after Cubism...and all are craftsman...to their varying
degrees...craftsman that developed their craft and their art over time.

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