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Re: artist/craftsperson

re: Cezanne, Picasso, etc., and the notion that it is not only the first
artist to do something who gets the title "artist" and "craftsperson," too

>So, to me they are all artists...who all went off to do their other
>explorations after Cubism...and all are craftsman...to their varying
>degrees...craftsman that developed their craft and their art over time.

And I would grant the same to quite a lot of artists/craftspeople working
in 'action' painting and 'abstract expressionism,' and probably to the
'throw the bucket of paint at the wall' movement, too (if there is such a
thing). I can't imagine that any two humans, or artists, would do it in
exactly the same way. But that's still not saying that I'm going to like it
all, or think it all good.


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