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Re: Book Art

> I don't know your barbed-wire book (though I have seen the explosive one)

You can see it at http://www.minsky.com/crisis.htm

 In 1990 at the School of the Art
>Institute, a woman at my final Thesis critique accused me of plagiarizing an
>installation by the late Steven Cortright.  She had just been at a Book Arts
>conference in NY and had seen slides of his.

That was the conference I organized titled "Book Arts in the USA", which was
specifically about what was going on in the different field of book arts in
the different regions of the USA. I'm glad to hear it served its function of
expanding everyone's knowledge of who was doing what where. The
"Proceedings" of the conference is still available from the Center for Book
Arts, I believe it's $15.00 + s&h. You can call them at 212 460-9768 and
check, or look it up at

Unfortunately, it's not illustrated, but contains transcripts of the
presentations, including many topics discussed on this list.

One of the most important subjects that the conference dealt with was the
concept of Criticism in the Book Arts. I've been very glad to see the
current thread on this list, as it may indicate that there are several
people who would be interested in a critical approach to the subject. One of
the great advantages and problems of our field has been that "anything goes"
and is welcome. That's common in a new movement, before everything gets
sorted out. But those who have the responsibility of curating exhibitions
and writing articles have seen much redundant work during the last decade,
and the time has come to encourage those who are producing seminal work
which advances the art while at the same time not discouraging the
enthusiasm of those who still have a ways to go.


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