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Re: Book Art

>I got Steven Cortright's address, wrote to him, he
>called me and we exchanged slides.  There were definite similarities in the
>work and the thought processes behind it.  We were both kind of amazed and
>began a correspondence- then suddenly I stopped hearing from him, and I
>learned a while later that he had passed away.
>The point being that what appears to be homage may not neccessarily be so.

Yes, this does happen...Again, to bring up my earlier words about Cubism,
Picasso and Braque were working around the same time but unaware of each
other..."Les Demoiselles a'Avignon" (1906) and Braque's "Blue Nude" (1907)
(that title could be off) were paintings that were in response to each of
them seeing Cezanne's work...they saw each others efforts and began their
friendship/relationship after realizing they both had this connection to
Cezanne...so two artists having the same response to another's work...all
three thinking in a similar vein...it does happen...regardless of space and
time and background...could this be a part of what is meant by the
universality of art?

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