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Cutting Mat Board

Someone was asking for this and I just saw it on AOL

Subject: Re: Cutting mat board???
Date: Sun, Mar 15, 1998 12:52 EST
From: <A HREF="aol://3548:HowardsArt">HowardsArt</A>
Message-id: <19980315175201.MAA28884@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

If you are interested in cutting mats for your own use, bite
the bullet and make the one-time-expense purchase of a Logan
mat cutter that retails around $100.  We have them at the
store and gladly do mailorder, but you can probably find it
cheaper in one of those #%**@$ discount catalogs!  With very
little practice you will be able to turn out a pretty good
mat...archival quality of course!!!  Ellen at Howards

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