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Me and the LGNE

Hello everyone,

Michael Babcock here (late of the Letterpress Guild of NE).

Yes, I am a member of the Guild, although an inactive one.
I was president for 2, and author/editor/designer of the
Guild's newsletter for some 3 1/2 years.

I am not however, a contact person any longer.
Unless you would like to send me love letters, money,
unused european foundry type, or samples of your work
for my collection, please ignore my address (as posted
to the bookarts list). I WOULD though, be happy to discuss
CRAFTSMANSHIP & ARTISTRY which travel hand in hand within
the world of letterpress and typography via e-mail.

The Guild's current head of state is the selfless and tireless
Leslie Evans. She does not have e-mail. Dick Rubinstein followed
me as my term expired.

The primary conduit to all things Guild would be the p.o.box
which is: 380788 Cambridge, MA 02238-0788. Anything posted
to said address will be rifled by Ms. Evans and forwarded to
the appropriate party.

And now a quick plug on behalf of the Guild.

The Letterpress Guild of New England is a regional organization
devoted to the preservation and dissemination of the knowledge
and materials of letterpress printing. The Guild is comprised
of professional and hobby printers, binders and others keenly
interested in the art and craft of the art preservative.
The Guild attempts to meet monthly and also sponsors workshops
at various times in any number of primary and ancillary disciplines.
A newsletter is produced which will apprise those interested in
upcoming events. There is also a Journal which is produced
annually. Dues are a modest $15 which can be posted to the above.
There are no membership requirements. (Which means that rabble
such as you binder types are all welcome. Just kidding, ok?)

Best in lead, tin & antimony,

Michael Babcock
interrobang letterpress
Jamaica Plain, MA

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