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Re: Multi-lingual glossaries of bookbinding terms?

>Didn't someone recently post a query on BOOK-ARTS-L asking for a
>multi-lingual glossary of bookbinding terms?  I have forgotten the
>languages involved, if that even happened.  Anyway, poking around in my
>files, I encountered a check list of glossaries of bookbinding terms that I
>once compiled for my own use (and the document shows such traces), which
>document includes a section on multi-lingual glossaries (as well as
>sections on glossaries in English, French, and Spanish).  I will be happy
>to send a copy of this document to anyone who can provide me convincing
>motivation to do so (that is, other than their idle curiosity).  The
>document is a Word Perfect file (remember Word Perfect?), which I just sent
>to myself attached to an e-mail message and was able to open, so you should
>be able to open it, too, if you know how to open a Word Perfect document
>attached to an e-mail message.
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In light of the above posting, I was reminded of *Worterbuch*, a Dictionary
of bookbinding terms in German, English, French, & Italian put out some
years ago (1985) by Hilde Kuhn. I bought mine from Book Making Needs in
S.F. Barbara Kretzmann

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