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Re: color photocopy transfer

Just got back to the list after a few days. What wonderful discussions!
Thank you for the replies and the warnings about Citrasolv.

I too am indebted to Center for Book Arts, Printed Matter, Franklin
Furnace, Visual Studies Workshop, Nexus Press, and others for all the
direct and indirect information and inspiration I received
through catalogues and newsletters back in the early 80s when I was first
experimenting with bookworks and xerox works.

Out in New Mexico at that time I didn't know any other artists who were
interested in this kind of activity--yes, a movement seems right--and it
was food for my soul.

In 1976 I took a traditional bookbinding class, learning the basic
language and craft, at The Bindery in New Haven (does anyone know if they
still exist?--used to conserve Yale's books). In the subsequent years my
own work involved designing whatever form or structure was needed for the
particular piece, and most of my work had nothing at all to do with

Boxes were my frustration--I had to be taught how to really make them
right--and Barbara Mauriello at PBI a few summers ago saved the day,
for which I will be forever grateful. After this I was able to make the
box I had wanted for Anatomy of Solitude Volume II (can be seen online)
and throw my first one out the door. I appreciate knowing how to do
something correctly and perfectly, while having the freedom to explore
other territory too.

We will always be in debt to the great artists and craftsmen who came
before us, setting the standards and upping the ante for us. I, too,
believe that giving credit where it is due is extremely important. For
each succeeding generation of people some things come to life as a given.
We can't take for granted that others struggled with their hearts and
minds and talents to create/invent what acts as a springboard for us, just
as we leave a mark for others after us, to varying degrees.

Meeting Hedi Kyle that summer after all the years of hearing and
reading about her, was so profound for me I could hardly talk to her.
I would be dumbstruck if I actually met Patti Smith too, though I was only
feet away from her all night at her concert in Santa Fe. Where would we be
without heros?

Thank you for all these postings. I've loved reading them.



          Janet Maher, Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts
          Loyola College in Maryland, 4501 North Charles Street
          Baltimore, Maryland  21210-2699        (410-617-5545)

                (web) http://www.qis.net/~jmar/index.balto.html
                (email)  jmar@xxxxxxx

             "Rise up nimbly and go on your strange journey
              to the ocean of meanings."             --Rumi

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