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Re: Craftsman & Artists

It is not so much that there are no qualified binders in the USA. There are
binders who can produce nice stuff. The real problem is that they are often
amateurs following a dream, and their prices make them non competitive with
European and English binders, who are tooled and geared to produce lots of
nice stuff consistently at much much lower cost. Take this to the book buyer
and he will invariably go for price, all else being equal. I do not see any
way out of this myself, except that it is self regulating. It is economics.
The buyer will always go for the best value. You can not blame the American
binder. Or the American buyer.

Art Rubino
Numismatic & Philatelic Arts of Santa Fe
Antiquarian Book Sellers
P.O. Box 9712
Santa Fe, NM 87504  USA
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We are always interested in buying fine Numismatic & Philatelic books.

From:   Book_Arts-L: The list for all the book arts! on behalf of Jane M Brown
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Subject:        Re: Craftsman & Artists

#3.  right in your opinion (especially since I usually agree with you)
        Including that issue that there are qualified people in the U.S.
        (My recent conversation with an apprentice trained binder in the
U.K. indicates that the qualified people in the U.K. are getting harder
to find)

Jane Brown

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