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Re: Hedi Kyle

I agree with Ed.  However, the problem is that great structures (such as
the ones Hedi, Ed, and many others have developed over the years) tend to
be passed on from person to person and the original attribution ends up
being lost.  I may see a book form that I think is appropriate for
something that I want to do and, on looking at the book, see no
indication as to whether the structure was original to the book author or
was derived from another's work.  Should we consider the
necessity/desirability of a sort of structural provenance?


On Sun, 15 Mar 1998, QUEERBOOKS wrote:

> I appreciate that Barbara Harman acknowledged Hedi Kyle's continuing
> contribution to the book arts.  I'm always disappointed when
> people--particularly authors writing how-to books about making books--use her
> and other pioneering book artists structures without giving credit.  As book
> artists we have a heritage and we are in danger of losing it by not recording
> and giving credit where it is due.
> Ed

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