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hello!  I am wondering, from those of you who sell and buy book arts work,
what to put into a prospectus. what information is needed; how much of a
concept ot the thing it self it should give.
for information, I am thinking along the lines of:
Title of work
description of content (poetry or something like that)
physical description of piece (how detailed should I be?)
contact/order information and price

I've been told to make the prospectus nice enough to get a feel for the
book, but not so nice that people don't want to buy it. which I understand,
but I need help in determining where that fine line is. I also don't want
to put as much work into the prospectus as I have on the book! not so much
sewing/folding, if possible, although to get a feel for the book there will
at least have to be some folding,

is it o.k. to make it from leftover cover paper? I have some which is only
printed on one side, so it would make excellent letterpress printing on the
back. and save me buying more paper!

I've never made a prospectus before, so I am really in the dark and I need
to do it soon. I would appreciate any hints as to what works/doesn't work,
what information is good to put in and anything else I'm not considering.
(and if this is in the archives, please point me in that direction!)

any help will be much appreciated!! thanks, leil


        =8A Say that a hut,

        south facing in the hundred-mile winds,
        comprises ten thousand terrified hunks of stone.

                from "Sonnet for Constituents Not Permitted"
                        _Arms wide, eyes open_  by Annie Stenzel
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