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Re: prospectuses

leil lucy alexander asked about prospectuses. For some starnge reason my
first thought was of something I'd read years ago about dedications: they
can range from a simple "To Mom" to a full-blown Shakespearean sonnet "To
the onlie begetter of these peosies ...".

Prospectuses (prospecti?) range similarly fom a simple sheet of paper with
the most basic information on it: title, author, size, price, press name,
address (I think that would be the minimum); to several pages of the actual
paper used in the book, folded and sewn to resemble a signature, and
printed with a title page on the outside, sample of the text in the same
typography with an illustration on the inside, and possibly details of its
production or collaboration or some reason why you felt compelled to
publish it.

Don't forget the ordering information: press name and address, price, early
ordering discount (if any).

The most important thing to remember is that you are trying to convince
someone to part with their money in exchange for your book. Give them a
reason to do so. Make the prospectus look inviting and also fairly
represent the book you are promoting.

Good luck,

Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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