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>Does anyone know of a list, similar in  structure to this one, but which =
>is directed more to the collector of antiquarian, fine & rare books?

>Alan Feinstein

There are two other lists that I know of directed towards rare and fine books.
One is called RAREBOOKS_L and the other is EXLIBRIS_L.  You can find the
information about the exlibris list from the conservation on-line homepage
which is http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/

As for the rarebooks lists you can go to the web page http://tile.net/ and type
in "rarebooks" (without the quotes) in the search box and it will bring up the
proper distribution lists.  Click on the list name from that page and it will
give you the correct information as to subscribing, etc.

Tile.net is also a great place in general to find out about mailing lists, it
enables you to search by topic for lists, newsgroups etc.

Hope this helps you, let me now how it turns out.

Jennifer G.

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