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Re: originality

About originality....when I was a kid, my (really) older elders had lots of
interesting books made in the gay '90s (?) which had fold ups and pop downs
and interlockings that we kids probably handled too roughly but found
enthralling.  I think back to those favorites and although I cant remember
fine detail, it sems to me that quite a few hinted at what has now become
newly invented.  Didnt someone say there's no such thing as an original idea?
One thing generates fodder for another?  And that's great!

(But, whoa!   Come to think of it ......
I, me, myself  DO have an original idea about dfhauhf!   You just have to
Kruy4q  7ki  jtb wibvbjhcv and ovm494klgh the edf8u to cmn89  a  d9jenn and
gnmori rfgf.
Then you just alks F84njfnm and  djeLK 2nmifndf the pdjerijo.  Wow. Try it.
But dont forget to give credit to moi.)

Lilias at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop  -   A fnoiwert kfd fdeojl fkvio !

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