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Re: Color photocopy transfers

I have used transfers quite a bit. I simply go to a print/copy shop with a
good quality Canon color copier and ask for a T-shirt transfer. (If you set
up your paper efficiently, you should be able to get several images/words on
one page)  I trim the paper to about 1/16th from the image then iron it on
to a smooth paper. These transfers seem to work best if you iron then let it
cool, then touch the top lightly with the iron then peel the top paper off.
I have used a dry mount press and an iron with equal results. I generate a
lot of computer images that are printed on a HP deskjet printer (300 dpi)
and find that these transfers, because they use a wax based ink, have a way
of smoothing out the pixels that you sometimes notice on a computer
generated image. Best results for image quality I've gotten is when I set up
my images on an 11" x 17" sheet then have them reduced to 8 1/2" x 11" when
they make the transfer.

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