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At 09:33 17/03/98 +0200, Alan Feinstein wrote:
>Does anyone know of a list, similar in  structure to this one, but which =
>is directed more to the collector of antiquarian, fine & rare books?

And at 09:12 17/03/98 -0500, Jennifer Gorman wrote:
>There are two other lists that I know of directed towards rare and fine
>One is called RAREBOOKS_L and the other is EXLIBRIS_L.

Below you'll find more specific info on the Rare Books List, plus the
welcome message I got from the ExLibris list (both of which include
subscription info).

Hope that's of some additional help.

Ron :)

>RareBooks-L on listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Formerly BOOKS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>A discussion list for those interested in the discussion of rare books
>and periodicals. This list is aimed primarily at publications connected
>to history and genealogy, although related publications, such as
>folklore or books our ancestors might have owned (e.g., the writings of
>James Whitcomb Riley) are welcome. While leads to purchases and
>discussion of sales between contributors is not forbidden, this is not a
>list for commercial businesses to advertise their wares.
>To subscribe to RareBooks-L send
>   SUB RareBooks-L Your Name
>in the body of a message to listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>For more information, check
>Owner: Larry Stephens  stephenL@xxxxxxxxxxx

>To: psymon@xxxxxxxx
>You have been added to list exlibris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>The system has recorded your address as
>                       psymon@xxxxxxxx
>and in order for your messages to get posted (if the list accepts postings),
>you will have to send them from this address, unless the list does not
>subscription for posting.
>If a message is ever rejected, please contact the list's owner:
>For information on this service and how to use it, send the following
>request in the body of a mail message to listproc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
>                       HELP
>All requests should be addressed to listproc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Welcome to ExLibris.  If you have requested information about ExLibris,
>this will tell you how to subscribe.  If you are already a subscriber,
>the following is a reminder of ExLibris listproc characteristics that
>will be sent to all subscribers from time to time.  If you wish to
>subscribe, please follow the instructions given in Section III below.
>TRULY IMPORTANT INFORMATION.  Messages--and only messages--meant for
>the entire group should be sent to the list's mail address.  Everything
>else should be sent to the computer's server address.  (See Section II
>below.)  In all functions described below, capitalization does not
>matter and quotation marks should not be used.  Messages meant for the
>server but posted instead to the mail address are normally returned
>automatically unprocessed and you will have wasted your time.
>I.  Purpose.  ExLibris is a news and discussion group, presently
>unmoderated, using ListProcessor technology.  It was established in
>1990 at Rutgers University and in November, 1995, moved to the
>University of California at Berkeley.  ExLibris provides an environment
>for discussing matters related to rare book and manuscript
>librarianship, including special collections and related issues.  It is
>not intended to be a primary medium for the sale and purchase of books
>(See Section V below).  Membership is open to anyone who wishes to
>ExLibris has something of a sister list named RBMS, which is also
>hosted at Berkeley.  The RBMS list is intended for discussing and
>conducting business of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of the
>Association of College and Research Libraries.  The subscription
>overlap between the two lists is nearly 100%. It is expected that any
>matters pertaining to RBMS will be posted to the RBMS list rather than
>to ExLibris.
>II.  Addresses.  The address of the computer's server for housekeeping
>matters, including subscribing and unsubscribing, is:
>The address of the group for posting messages is:
>The addresses show full domain names.  Your local system may require
>different entry forms; it is your responsibility to determine the
>proper local entry form, which may or may not need the full domain as
>shown above and may or may not need special leading characters not
>shown here.
>III.  Subscribing.  Those wishing to subscribe should send the
>following in the message area to LISTPROC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>SUBSCRIBE EXLIBRIS yourfirstname yourlastname, institution
>Be sure the message is contained in a single line in the message area;
>the subject line should be blank.  You need not include the comma and
>institutional identification, but the latter is helpful to the list
>moderator and to others.  You yourself must subscribe from the address
>to which you wish ExLibris messages sent, both to assure proper usage
>and to assure that the subscription is under your control.  The
>Berkeley server will not acknowledge or successfuly distribute mail to
>Bitnet addresses or other source routed addresses.
>IV.  Your Mail.  You may leave the list at any time by sending a
>"SIGNOFF [or UNSUBSCRIBE] EXLIBRIS" command to the server.  You may use
>the "SET EXLIBRIS MAIL POSTPONE" command to temporarily suspend
>receiving mail (e.g., for vacations or other absences) and the "SET
>EXLIBRIS MAIL ACK [or NOACK]" to resume receiving messages.
>The amount of acknowledgement you wish to receive from the listproc on
>completion of a mailing operation can be changed by means of a "SET
>EXLIBRIS MAIL [option]" command, where the option may be "ACK" (mail
>acknowledgement), "NOACK," or "DIGEST."  The list default setting is
>"ACK," which returns to the poster a copy of the posted message.  If
>you set your account to "NOACK," you will not know if your message was
>successfully distributed to the list.
>V.  Miscellaneous.  Please review this section before using ExLibris
>Please avoid unnecessary replies to the entire list.  Your local
>mailhandler REPLY mechanism may direct your message to the entire list
>or to the person who sent the message to which you are replying.
>Please be sure you know the difference.  You may wish to use FORWARD,
>MAIL, or SEND rather than using REPLY.  Misdirected messages,
>especially those of a personal nature, are a source of amusement to
>list members.  Try not to join that celebrated crowd who have misused
>the REPLY function.
>Because of a long history of inattentiveness to the proper use of the
>Reply function and the irritation that inattentiveness causes for list
>members, the Moderator suspends for four weeks any subscriber who sends
>a personal message to the entire list.
>ExLibris welcomes booksellers and others to the list, but they should
>recognize the broad consensus that this list should not be a locus for
>the posting of want lists or items for sale.  Brief announcements of
>sale catalogue availability are welcome.  Otherwise, the Biblio List,
>Interloc, and the rec.arts.books.marketplace newsgroup are more
>appropriate.  If you are a bookseller and post a catalogue announcement
>to the list, the following must appear in all caps as the first lines
>of the message:
>It is considered a courtesy to include your name and institution in
>your message for identification, as email header addresses are often a
>bit terse.  Ask your computer adviser about "signature files," which
>automate this function.
>Should you change your address, or if it is changed for you, you must
>unsubscribe from your old address and resubscribe from your new one.
>The Listowner can assist you in unsubscribing from your old address and
>can help you sign on if need be.  If you have difficulties establishing
>your subscription, please do let the Listowner know.
>Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived.  There are
>in fact two sets of archives.  The first is kept at Berkeley.  You can
>obtain a list of available Berkeley archive files by sending an "INDEX
>EXLIBRIS" command to the server.  These files can then be retrieved by
>means of a "GET EXLIBRIS [filename]" command, or by using the usual
>listproc database search facilities.  Send a "HELP SEARCH" command to
>the server for information specific to using the archives.
>Archives are also kept at Stanford University on a web site at URL:
>You must have a web client to use the archives at Stanford.
>Please note that it is presently possible for anybody to determine that
>you are signed up to the list through the use of the "REVIEW EXLIBRIS"
>command, which returns the email address and name of each subscriber.
>The list will not allow pseudonyms (e.g., Donald Duck) or so-called
>"Concealed" subscribers.
>ExLibris has been set up and is maintained through the good offices of
>staff members of the University of California at Berkeley Library
>Systems Office and Digital Library Office, who reserve the right to
>discontinue or modify this service for any reason at any time.  This
>notice will be circulated regularly for the reminder of old members and
>the edification of new.  Feel free to forward this message to those who
>might be interested in joining the discussions.
>VI.  Listowner.  Please direct questions (but not subscriptions) to the
>Listowner (moderator) listed below.
>Thank you and enjoy yourselves.
>Last modified: 2/10/97.
>ExLibris Listowner/Moderator
>Everett C. Wilkie, Jr.
>Home: 860-231-9662
>Email: ewilkie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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