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mass book conservation

As printed in the NY Times, Arts & Leisure today.  Does anyone have more
technical information? Is it the Bookkeeper system or a new proprietary

>Bound for Glory
Preserving historic books will be faster and cheaper with the aid of a
machine unveiled Monday in Leipzig, Germany. Library officials said the
machine, the size of four small vans, could reinforce acid- and
worm-eaten pages at 50 times the speed of manual restoration, for a
quarter of the cost. The machine unbinds a book, neutralizes acid and
reinforces damaged pages before rebinding the work.

"We now have the chance to win the race against time and to preserve for
future generations stacks of books that are important to cultural and
scientific history," said Wolfgang Waechter, philologist at the Leipzig
Book Conservation Center, curator at the German National Library and the
machine's promoter. In addition to aiding books in Leipzig, the machine
is expected to serve other collections in Germany and possibly in

Nora Lockshin
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