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Re: mass book conservation

Not sure, but I was reading some materials from Neschen (Filmoplast...)
about a machchine they developed for taking ms. materials, deacidifying /
buffering them, then laminating them with heatset tissue and binding. Most
of the work was done in one machine. I can get more info at home tonight.
Remember the Germans (East) were the ones who perfected papersplitting. I
wouldn't put this past them. I know the German National ARchive in Koblenz
uses heatset to preserve just about everything.



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On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Mindy Dubansky wrote:

> As printed in the NY Times, Arts & Leisure today.  Does anyone have more
> technical information? Is it the Bookkeeper system or a new proprietary
> system?
> >Bound for Glory
> Preserving historic books will be faster and cheaper with the aid of a
> machine unveiled Monday in Leipzig, Germany. Library officials said the
> machine, the size of four small vans, could reinforce acid- and
> worm-eaten pages at 50 times the speed of manual restoration, for a
> quarter of the cost. The machine unbinds a book, neutralizes acid and
> reinforces damaged pages before rebinding the work.
> "We now have the chance to win the race against time and to preserve for
> future generations stacks of books that are important to cultural and
> scientific history," said Wolfgang Waechter, philologist at the Leipzig
> Book Conservation Center, curator at the German National Library and the
> machine's promoter. In addition to aiding books in Leipzig, the machine
> is expected to serve other collections in Germany and possibly in
> France.
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