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Book Art, etc.

Gary Frost wrote:

> on Saturday 14 March 01998 Richard Minsky wrote:
>>And if "Artists' Book" is a statement of result, in that it's a book >>by an artist, I'd rather stake my claim as a "Book Artist", which is a >>statement of intent: that the Book is my medium of Art
> Richard has said it again. The act of imploding meaning or content into
> a book is a large, not a small, act. This is sometimes missed and
> bookbinders are the most guilty. Want to put some prints or photos into
> a book, some souvenirs of a trip?...no problem! In my view, the book
> artist needs to focus exactly on the transition, and be blatant.

As a Hand Bookbinder I can recount two of my works (at the time I didn't
realize they were art) that I enjoyed doing and seeing the final
product.  The first was for a retired Air Force pilot.  He brought me a
box of loose papers and photos that represented his career as a pilot
and asked if I could bind them into a book. These include 8 X 10
aircraft photos of all the airplanes he flew, military travel orders,
travel intinerarys, commendation memos, even mess passes and badges.  I
went thru and arranged them into chronological order, mounted, tipped,
and whatever else was necessary to be able to sew them together.  One of
the most interesting items was his travel intenerary where he flew
Secretary of State Dulles, to Russia in 1946.  I cased it into AF blue
buckram and gold stamped his name and inclusive dates of the items in
the "book".

The second was similar in that a couple who had lived in an oil company
compound in Saudia Arabia and brought back all of the newspapers and
"Plan of the Week" flyers and asked they be put into a book. Again I
sorted them in chronological order and bound them into books according
to their size.  I had to build special large jigs to hold the newspapers
together while I drilled and sewed them together.

I don't know whether I would be considered an "amateur" book binder or
not.  I consider my self a "Hand Bookbinder" with 15 years experience.

Jim Trent

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