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Re: Altered Book Art

<<My interest is in altering 19 & !8 medical, science, school texts, who
else is altering
the book and what has been published?>>

You might look at the work of Terry Braunstein. She's been making altered=

books for at least 20 years. Her work is in collections all over, but sin=
she lives in Southern California now, a lot of her work is here in the

She works with collage, photomontage, and now the computer. Much use of
architectural interiors, art historical reference, and 1950s magazine wor=

I edited an issue of our local book journal, AbraCadaBrA,
(auto)biographical Writing and the Artist's Book, and Terry wrote a short=

article in it on Making A Particular Horizon. Also articles by Betsy
Davids, Johanna Drucker, Scott McCarney, Renee Hubert, Joan Lyons,
Katherine Ng, Bonnie O'Connell and Gerry Lange.

Issue #10, =

$12.50 includes postage

P.O. Box 24415
Los Angeles, CA 90024


Susan King
Paradise Press

PS: can anyone tell me why I'm getting strange line breaks in my messages=
I'm running compuserve software on a Mac to access the list, and don't ha=
this problem when I use IBM clone. =

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