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B&W xerox transfer

I am having trouble doing B&W xerox
transfers -- I don't know if I've ever
seen a direct instruction on how to do
them. Basically, I want to transfer
black and white photocopies onto
Japanese paper and watercolor paper so
they degrade nicely but are still
"legible" and can then be hand-colored.
I've tried wintergreen oil, which didn't
work and gave me a headache, and now
acetone, which is better -- I sense that
it will work well if I do it right. But
since it is a kind of harsh solvent, I
would rather ask about procedure than
continue to experiment, so could someone
give me a blow-by-blow account of how to
do this properly, to get an even,
readable tone? (Bearing in mind that I
have a don't have access to a press...)
Also, any info on working safely with
acetone? Thus far I am using latex
gloves and open windows!

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