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Re: B&W xerox transfer

I've always had great success transferring xeroxes in both color and
black & white using Lacquer Thinner.  It's nasty smelling, but with fresh
air and gloves on, it's tolerable.  I work outside.

On a smooth work surface (ie, plexiglass or a clean work table that is
okay to stain), place xerox image to be transferred face down on the
paper that will receive the transfer.
Cut or rip Blotter Paper (available at art supply stores) down to the
size of your xerox image plus a one-inch margin.
In a tray of some sort that is as large as your xerox image (I use a
photo darkroom tray), pour in lacquer thinner to about an inch deep.
Place the blotter paper in the tray until soaked (a few seconds).
Pull up blotter paper, and let the excess lacquer thinner drip for a few
seconds (too much lacquer thinner will make your transfer very fuzzy).
Place soaked blotter paper on top of waiting xerox image + receiving
paper.  Using a smooth hard tool or printmaker's press (at home I use the
back of a large metal spoon) rub the entire back of the blotter paper.
You are pressing the image through to your receiving paper.
It's okay to peek at your results as long as you don't disturb the
alignment of images.  When the image has been transferred, just pull up
the blotter paper and xerox image (xerox is not reusable, blotter paper
is questionable, although the other side is okay to use).  Air dry your

Good luck!
Lori Dagley

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