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Re: Kudos

It's a candy bar (not very good and certainly not good for you).

It's a sign of extreme jealousy: "I kudo done that better than you if
I'dve wanted to."

But, if I really knew what I was talking about I would know that it means
"acclaim or prestige as a result of achievement or position." (It is
singular and, thus is not two kudus - an African hoofed mamal ....

Anyhow, the above quote is from my dictionary, kumquat may.  Please don't
kummel me or force me to clear kudzu from the roadside as punishment for
the bad puns.Time to go home and ride my Krebs cycle, sharpen my kris,
and kook the kosher krill and kuchen we're having for dinner while
listening to koto music in the kitchen.  OK?


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