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Collette Vosberg asked:

>A bit off the topic - can someone explain the word kudos to me?  I've seen
>it before but never really knew what it meant.
>Colette Vosberg

Kudos is taken directly from Ancient Greek. Lacking a Greek typeface, I
can't write  it out here, but for the curious, here are the Greek letters:
kappa, upsilon, delta, omicron, sigma.

It translates as "glory" or "renown."

I have noticed that English-speaking people sometimes mistakenly believe
that "kudos" is a plural, and when they want to use a singular, will say or
write "kudo,"  as if that were the singular form. However, "kudos" is
treated as a singular noun. Some people pronounce the  final letter as "s,"
and some pronounce it as "z"  -- both seem to be accepted, though the
latter pronunciation may lead to the abovementioned singular/plural error.

Hope I have not perturbed anybody by answering a question thought to be "a
bit off topic" by the asker.  Words are often (not always, I grant)
important elements of  books!

Raven Murie

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