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Berkeley/Oakland CA; need press space

Hello Bay Area folks, (everybody else, sorry for clogging your mailbox!)

Someone wants to give me a Vandercook SP20 letterpress & they need to be
rid of it in a week! I need a garage, part of a studio, or some equivalent
ground-floor (*no stairs*) space to put it in, where I can work on it, in
the East Bay (preferably Berkeley, Oakland or Emeryville)... of course I'd
pay rent or work out some other sort of mutually beneficial deal. If you
don't have extra space yourself, do you know anyone who does?

I appreciate any & all leads or helpful advice, ideas, &c. &c....

Time's a-wastin'!

Thank you! (& sorry if I happened to hit anyone 2x w/ this message)

Indigo Som  ***  bitchy buddha press  ***  indigos@xxxxxxxxxx

"I can't even remember what it was I came here to get away from" --Bob Dylan

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