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17th Century English Dictionary

     I work in a commercial bindery and we do some light restoration work
for a local book seller.  They mistakenly sent us a box that they had not
yet cataloged.  In the box was a small, 4x6, book titled:

     Gazophylacium Anglicanum: Containing the Derivation of English Words
Proper and Common...

     The book needs some help, washing, deacidifying (sp?), and some page
repair, but is in over all good fair condition.  The Roman numeral date is
MXCLXXXIX and I read this as 1689.
     I plan on trying to buy this book, which I think is amazing.  What I
would like to know is can anyone tell me, without seeing the book, how much
I can be expecting to pay?  Or can you direct me towards someone who could?
     By the way I was flipping through the book just randomly look up
definitions when I spotted the word harlot.  The definition reads in part
that the word may have derived from one woman, the mistress of Robert the
Duke of Normandy and mother to William the Conqueror, her name was Arlotta.
Talk about a reputation!


A fool commanding an army is still a fool.



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