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Defining Artist Books

I have been following the discussion on how to define artist books.  I
appreciate the thought that everyone has given the subject.  Many of the
responses have given me much to consider.  I'm finding that what I consider to
be an artist book is constantly being refined as I learn more about the field.
This discussion has been a worthwhile abstract exercise.

However, for the artists creating books to express themselves artistically,
there is nothing abstract about the definition.  They are creating concrete
objects that, however much they may differ from each other, to the individual
artist they ARE artist books.

It is the act of creation that will eventually define artist books.  In the
end, it is not what people say are artist books that counts.  It's the books
that artists create that will ultimately define the field.

Every person who creates an artist book is doing their part to define and
redefine the definition of artist books.

Ed Hutchins

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