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Re: Sewn Pamphlets

        In response to #2, below, --hard cover pamphlets---I've done those by
folding the end sheets and/or decorative past-downs and a .75-2" wide strip
of mull a tiny bit shorter than the length of the spine around the
signature and then stitching through all of that when sewing the pamphlet.
(The strip of mull is the outermost layer when sewing.) When glued down,
the piece of mull under the pastedown makes the attachment to the case
stronger so that the endpapers don't tend to pull away at the spine.

> From: Artemis BonaDea <"paradux@xxxxxxxxxx"@ALASKA.NET>
> To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Sewn Pamphlets
> Date: Sunday, March 22, 1998 2:34 PM
> In response to Jennifer's request for ways to dress up pamphlet wrote:
> 1)  Sew a one signauture pamphlet with the knot on the outside of the
> binding and hang charms or beads off it.  The knot doesn't have to be
> in the center - punch the sewing holes so the knot is close to the top
> of the book.  The charms could be small plastic cooking utensils.  Check
> craft stores and bead shops.
> 2)  Make a hard cover pamphlet book with decorative paste paper or
> commercial decorative paper.  My experience is that tipped on endpapers
> are better than folding the endpapers as part of the signature.  When the
> endpapers are folded around the signature, they tend to pull away an tear
> at the spine.
> 3)  Turn a one signature pamphlet into a two signature pamaphle book with
> the paper cover sandwiched (no pun intended) in between.  This has a nice
> dressy spine.  It also opens easier than a very fat single signature
> book.
> 4)  I saw a wonderful hybrid of a multiple signature/side sewn book at
> the Book Arts Collection at the University of Washington (Seattle) that
> was great.  Three signatures sewn onto a concertina spine, spacers
> inbetween the concertina so that the spine and foreedge of the book were
> even.  Then construct 1 or 2 cover(s) (depending on if there is a spine)
> with a nice *wide* hinge so the cover opens fully back onto the spine.
> Side sew through the covers and concertina/spacer.  The cover opens fully
> and the signatures fold over themselves.
> 5)....There must be someone out there with a 5th idea!  Put your thinking
> caps on!
> Artemis

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