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A Page From Iowa

Last month I had the pleasure in participating in the annual Book Fest at the
University of Iowa.  As a bonus I got to spend a day working with students at
City High School, where Laurie Zaiger and Polly Botherton have an exciting and
growing book arts program.

A pleasant surprise arrived at my studio in upstate New York yesterday.  It
was an amazing book that the students had created for me.  Fifteen students
had contributed a page.  One page in particular caught my eye.  The text read:

Dear Ed,
If the world is slowly falling into chaos, then it seems to me that those who
make it their business to organize and preserve stories and information are
the only ones who can prevent the fall.  Thank you for showing us how to make
books so we can join the war against entropy!  Your books are beautiful.

What a concise statement of the importance of making books.

And consider this postscript from Laurie Zaiger: "I am excited to report that
we have expanded to two bookmaking classes next year--good growth for a
relatively new class."

Next month I'll be in El Centro, California for three days working with fourth
graders in the morning and high school students in the afternoon.  From coast
to coast--and everywhere in between--educators are learning the value of the
book arts in education.  Put simply, the book arts are at the intersection
where writing, illustration, discovery, creativity and sharing come together
to support the classroom curriculum.

Ed Hutchins

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