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Re: Sewn Pamphlets

I agree that nice paper, etc. will work great.  Another suggestion is to
use cover art made with a stencil, rubber stamps, and or Gocco (you could
use their manual unit if the pages are larger than 4 x 6.  Any of these
could be used with embossing powder.  There are also a lot of surfaces
that can be transferred onto photocopies to provide color.  Similarly,
you can add a light background to the paper before you print it or use
one of the interesting, commerically availabel papers.


> > On Wed, 11 Mar 1998 10:56:58 -0500 Jennifer Gorman <jenng@xxxxxxxxxx>
> > writes:
> > >Does anyone have any suggestion for a way to "dress up" a sewn
> > pamphlet?My >family will be compiling a cook book of recipes loved and

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