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Re: B&W xerox transfer

If you're using a graphics program its VERY easy to just flip the text.
While you're at it take advantage of various text effects...


At 08:14 PM 3/25/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I've never tried the iron trick.  However, toners vary in terms of the
>amount of heat that it takes to fuse them.  The HP laser printers work at
>a lower temperature than most commercial copiers.  Thus, it may be the
>case that the fusing temperature on the Kinkos machine was too high to
>iron off with a regular iron.
>However, I've often heard that you must use fresh photocopies for
>transfers but have not had trouble using ones that are several years
>old.  By the way, if you transfer from printer output, how do you get a
>print-out with inverted text so that it reads properly when transferred?

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