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Terminology for Book Cloth Grain Patterns

Dear Subscribers to Book_Arts-L,

I am an editor at the Getty Information Institute's Vocabulary Program,
currently working on terminology related to bookbinding. I'm having
difficulty finding adequate literary warrant (published, printed evidence
for the use of a term in the literature) for a term  meaning a grain pattern
of regular parallel lines and bands, reproduced on book cloth and perhaps
other materials, such as leather (?) as well. I have found "rib grain" and
"rib" but too few sources to establish either term as the preferred one
with any confidence.

I have found the pattern listed in the table of book cloth grain patterns in
Tanselle, "Selected Studies in Bibliography", 1979, the term form being
simply "rib." Also in Philip Gaskell, "A New Introduction to Bibliography"
where he refers to it as both "rib" and "rib grain." It does not occur in two
excellent sources, Glaister's "Encyclopedia of the Book" or  Roberts and
Etherington's "Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books". Can any
experts out there point me to other sources, perhaps ones specifically on
grain patterns of book cloth and leather? As other grain pattern terms are
bound to come up, this would be very useful.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Alison Chipman
Editor, Vocabulary Program - Getty Information Institute

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