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Re: The Book, transfers

Susan Fatemi wrote:

>I don't wish to offend anyone, but the definition below is a *codex*,
>and even then it is somewhat limited. If the pages are parchment,
>palm leaves, or cloth, it is still a codex/book.

in reference to the following statement:

>> The definition of what a book is is simple:
>> A book consists of a number of peice of paper sewn together, and bound
>> with a cover.

I also had a problem with this definition (even with the base assumption
that codex was meant, not simply "book"), because it leaves out
paperbacks and "perfect bound" books, which are glued, not sewn.

Susan also wrote:

>Recently, we
>have begun cataloguing "virtual" books. These are texts that exist only
>on the Web (unless one prints them out) I have a little problem with
>this concept myself, but so far, it seems to work! (Some government
>bodies, in an effort to save printing costs, are mounting their reports
>on the web)

Web sites are ephemeral, temporary, regardless of who maintains them.
There is no guarantee that they will be there at any point in time.
Physical books have much more reliability for availability.

Lyle H. Gray
lyle@xxxxxxxxxxx                                Non animam contine.

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