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Re: Terminology for Book Cloth Grain Patterns -Reply


Thank you so very much for the citations to literature about book cloth.
These look like works I may be able to get my hands on locally, now that I
know about them. This is a great help!

Sincerely, Alison Chipman

>>> "Robert J. Milevski" <milevski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 03/26/98
12:53pm >>>

A small number of books come to mind, and directly off of my bookshelf
will help you.

The most recent is an exhibit pamphlet entitled "Only in Cloth" available
from the Book Arts Press at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.

Next: "Decorated Cloth in America: Publishers' Bindings, 1840-1910" by
Allen and Charles Gullans.  1994

Third: "Victorian Publishers' Bindings" by Douglas Ball.  1985.  This volume
has detailed  cloth descriptions.

Next, Sue Allen again: "Victorian Bookbindings: A Pictorial Survey."

Finally, the granddaddy's of them all:  John Carter's "Binding Variants" and
"More Binding Variants."  1989 reprint.  And: "The Evolution of Publisher's
Binding Styles, 1770-1900" by Michael Sadleir.  Reprint 1989.

There are certainly other sources, but these were the most handy for me
probably the most accessible for you, except perhaps for the first and
fourth items.  Ball is your best one-stop bet.

Robert Milevski

At 09:44 AM 3/26/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Subscribers to Book_Arts-L,
>I am an editor at the Getty Information Institute's Vocabulary Program,
>currently working on terminology related to bookbinding. I'm having
>difficulty finding adequate literary warrant (published, printed evidence
>for the use of a term in the literature) for a term  meaning a grain pattern
>of regular parallel lines and bands, reproduced on book cloth and
>other materials, such as leather (?) as well. I have found "rib grain" and
>"rib" but too few sources to establish either term as the preferred one
>with any confidence.
>I have found the pattern listed in the table of book cloth grain patterns in
>Tanselle, "Selected Studies in Bibliography", 1979, the term form being
>simply "rib." Also in Philip Gaskell, "A New Introduction to Bibliography"
>where he refers to it as both "rib" and "rib grain." It does not occur in
>excellent sources, Glaister's "Encyclopedia of the Book" or  Roberts and
>Etherington's "Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books". Can any
>experts out there point me to other sources, perhaps ones specifically
>grain patterns of book cloth and leather? As other grain pattern terms
>bound to come up, this would be very useful.
>Thanks in advance for your advice.
>Alison Chipman
>Editor, Vocabulary Program - Getty Information Institute
Robert J. Milevski
Preservation Librarian
Princeton University Library
One Washington Road
Princeton, NJ 08544
609-258-5591; fax: 609-258-4105
email: milevski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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