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Re: Terminology for Book Cloth Grain Patterns -Reply

I did forget both about the grain illustrations in BAL and Tomlinson.  We
have the Tomlinson book in our office's reference collection and it indeed
has a chapter entitled "Identification of designs (grains)" and the 30
embossed examples, as Sid points out.  For those interested in such matters,
Tomlinson is an exciting book, especially when considering the history of
19th century book tehcnology and the development of the use and mass
production of bookcloth in bookmaking.

Robert Milevski

At 08:34 AM 3/27/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Ms Chipman (and list)--
>As Robert Milevski suggests, Sue Allen (New Haven CT and a frequent
>instructor at the University of Virginia's Rare Book School) is
>certainly the leading scholar of 19th century book cloth grain
>patterns (and other aspects of books).  Her published work to
>date, which is fascinating, is not however likely to help settle
>terminological questions in a systematic way.  Her unpublished
>notes are likely a mine of information.
>The "standard" reference source for grain patterns can be found in
>the preliminary pages of Jacob Blanck et al, _Bibliography of
>American Literature_ (Bibliographical Society of America), 6?
>volumes, where a range of patterns is pictured and labeled.
>This is likely to be consistant with Tanselle's 1979 essay but
>may be more helpful.
>Perhaps even more useful is a recent book by William Tomlinson
>and Richard Masters, _Bookcloth 1823-1980_, reported as an
>extremely thorough history of bookcloth, with full descriptions
>of 71 Winterbottom designs, 36 samples of unprocessed cloth,
>30 samples embossed, and another 50 descriptions of cloths dating
>back to the 1860s. I have not yet examined a copy -- it is offered at
>$500 a copy by Montecito Press, 2957 East Valley Road, Montecito,
>CA 93108.
>William Tomlinson worked for the Winterbottom Book Cloth
>Company (an English firm with an American subsidiary) and the
>Red Bridge Book Cloth Company for 50 years.
>The identification of book cloth grain patterns is a substantial
>and long-standing bibliographic problem.  I have thought of
>making it an element of my work on the hundreds of editions,
>1860-1938, of Owen Meredith's _Lucile_ (see <http://www.lib.
>utulsa.edu/personal/huttner/huttner.htm>), but have not yet
>started work toward it.  An on-line source which began with
>the BAL classification and extended it would be immensely useful
>to a great many people.
>Cordially...................Sid Huttner
>Sidney F. Huttner . Curator, Special Collections . McFarlin Library .
>2933 East 6th Street . Tulsa, OK 74104-3123 . Phone: 918-631-3133 .
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>       http://www.lib.utulsa.edu/personal/huttner/huttner.htm
Robert J. Milevski
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