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Board Cutter

In reveiwing my inbox I came across the request for into on board
cutters.  I remember a few brand names being discussed but it
occurred that no one addressed the idea of getting a square cut
with an office type board cutter - more common and not too

I've used a cutter like this onsite when I teach and can't take my
Kutrimmer along.  I align a plastic right angle along the top bar
and it gives me a constant to butt my board up against.  The right
angle can be weighted with a brick or taped down if the cut is
repeated several times.

Also, alot of cutters cut crooked because there is not a clamp on the
board so it shifts as the blade is cutting.  Consider creating
some sort of clamp, perhaps a piece of board 5 - 6 thicknesses
thick - to clamp onto the board lying on the cutter.  Remember,
watch your fingers, even those small cutters can do *alot* of


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