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Re: Board Cutter

Great suggestions!

On my paper cutter, I use a cork-backed metal ruler to hold the paper
to the very edge, to prevent shifting.  Align the ruler near the edge
of the paper, nearly along where the blade will cut.  Yes, be careful
it is not in the actual path of the blade.

Press down on the ruler with
first finger and thumb, while you're holding the paper down.
The ruler serves like a clamp.  Yea, verily, imperfect, but better
than just using your hand to hold the paper.

The paper cutter can be precise (same measurements repeatedly) but
not very accurate (the right measurement).  The grid on the board doesn't
agree with my ruler, so it's easier to use relative measurements than
ruler measurements.

The grid on my papercutter is grooves every half inch, both vertical
and horizontal.  They can be used for scoring folds perpendicular to
an edge very easily, either repeating on the same piece, or repeating
the same scoring on several pieces.

   Karen from Atlanta

> no one addressed the idea of getting a square cut
> with an office type board cutter - more common and not too
> expensive.              -Artemis

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