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Re: Terminology for Book Cloth Grain Patterns

>I am an editor at the Getty Information Institute's Vocabulary Program,
>currently working on terminology related to bookbinding. I'm having
>difficulty finding adequate literary warrant (published, printed evidence
>for the use of a term in the literature) for a term  meaning a grain pattern
>of regular parallel lines and bands, reproduced on book cloth and perhaps
>other materials, such as leather (?) as well. I have found "rib grain" and
>"rib" but too few sources to establish either term as the preferred one
>with any confidence.

Dear Alison,

The following title may be of use to you in your search for bookcloth terms:
"Bookcloth 1823 - 1980" by William Tomlinson and Richard Masters.  It is a
study of the manufacture, used and identification of bookcloths spanning about
160 years, and it contains illustrations in b&w and colour, and bookcloth
samples.  It was published as a limited edition of 1500 in Jan 1997.

Best of luck,

     Patrick Ravines
     Baha'i World Centre
     Conservation Office
     Post Office Box 155
     31001 Haifa, Israel
     email - ravines@xxxxxxx
     Tel - 972 4 835 8057
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