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Thermal Binding and Self-Printed Covers?


I'm new to this Discussion Group, and new to Book Printing as well.  So
please forgive me for asking a naive question which has probably been asked
many times before (I managed to find the question asked in the Book_Arts-L
archive, but couldn't find the answer).

I'm currently looking into the possibility of using Thermal Binding to
produce small books, and would like to know whether it is possible to use
Thermal Binding to attach a home-printed, probably card, cover.  Most of the
specialist thermal covers which are sold seem to have transparent fronts,
and expect you to use the first inside page as the cover page.  There also
seems to be no simple way to mark the spines of these covers.

I can't really afford to invest in foil stamping equipment yet, which is one
possibility that is often mentioned.

The other thing that I need to know is whether Thermal Binding can be used
on A5 paper as easily as on A4.  Again, most of the covers that are being
sold seem designed for use with A4 reports rather than book or booklet size

Thanks for any advice you can give me on this, and sorry if this is a
question which beginners come along and ask you every five minutes.

Thomas Larque.

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