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Gvmt Printing Office & LOC Pub "Boxes for the Preservation of Books"

Last week I went to the GPO in Chicago to pick up a copy of "Boxes for the
preservation of books: their design and construction," published in 1994 by
the LOC. The ever-helpful government clerk told me they didn't carry it and
that it was no longer being published. When prodded, however, he looked and
found a copy. He may have been telling the truth, though; neither Amazon
.com nor Barnesand Noble.com carry it, and I'm certain that they did recently.

If you're considering purchasing, best not delay. . .

The Website for the GPO is:


to go directly to the order form try:


You can order online of fax the request or mail the printable

the database info is as follows:

PRF Online Via GPO Access

Title:                Boxes for the Protection of Books: Their Design
                      and Construction

Stock Number:         030-000-00253-9
Availability:         in stock / whse and/or retail / priced
Price:                $26.00
Price (non-U.S.):     $32.50
Description:          Issued in looseleaf form. Compiled by Lage
                      et al. Illustrated by Margaret Brown. Revised
                      and updated edition of previous volume entitled:
                      Boxes for the Protection of Rare Books: Their
                      Design and Construction. Designed to meet the
                      needs of book conservators, museum technicians,
                      and curators in libraries and archives who require

                      a practical method for the construction of
                      boxes. L.C. ISBN 0-8444-0797-6. L.C. card 93-
                      1994. Item 786.

Publisher:            Library of Congress, Collections Services,
Year/pages:           1994: 236 p.; ill. looseleaf. revised ed.
Note:                 NB1242
Key Phrases:          Conservation of Books, Books, Protection of Books,

                      Historic Preservation, Library of Congress,
SuDocs Class:         LC 1.2:B 69/994
ISBN:                 0-16-041956-5
Author:               Carlson, Lage
Format:               looseleaf
Extra Description:    plastic coated
Weight:               3 lbs 3 oz
Quantity Price:       discount
Binding:              specialty item
Available date:       05-20-94
Subject Bibliography: 150BE
Status date:          06-20-95

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