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Oak Knoll Press is proud to announce the May publication of the incredible
story of one of the most audacious literary forgeries ever perpetrated!

Translated by Joseph Rosenblum

On a cold, damp day in February 1870, the Correctional Tribunal of Paris
sentenced Vrain-Denis Lucas to prison for forging and selling over 27,000
historical letters to many of France's leading collectors. The sensational
trial exposed the most colossal literary fraud ever perpetrated. The trial
revealed that for 19 years, Lucas created fake literary masterpieces, mostly
letters to and from famous or historical figures, and became a very wealthy
man because of it.

At first, Lucas used quills, inks, papers, and styles of writing used by
historical French authors. As the years passed and his forgeries were
accepted into the foremost collections in the nation, his ego got the best
of him. The versatility, industry, and knowledge displayed earlier by Lucas
was beginning to enter the realm of incongruity. When he produced a host of
letters written by Mary Magdelene to Lazarus, Cleopatra to Caesar, Pompey to
Cato, in French no less, and boldly sold them to one of France's leading
collectors, Lucas's shameless audacity reached new heights.

This edition is the first English translation of the rare French title, UNE
by Henri Bordier and Emile Mabille. With a new introduction by Joseph
Rosenblum, this fascinating book is a must-read for anyone interested in the
history of literary forgeries, manuscripts, autographs, and the drama of
fools and scoundrels. This is truly an incredible story of the "Prince of

1998, hardcover, 6 x 9 inches, illustated, 200 pages.
ISBN 1-884718-51-5 / ORDER# 50317-K13 / PRICE $45.00 + shipping

Please use order number when ordering. Shipping and handling is $4.00 for
the first copy and $0.75 for each additional copy in the US. Shipping and
handling is $5.50 for single-copy orders and is based on weight for multiple
orders outside the US. Advance orders will be shipped immediately when books
are published. US orders are shipped via UPS Ground, and shipments outside
the US are shipped via IPC.

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