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15 inch Kuttrimmer for sale

I have a 15 Inch Kuttrimmer for sale.  It is at least 30 years old ( still
has the Schaefer label when they were located in Newark, moved to Union in
1968), and a lot nicer than the new ones- all aluminum knobs, wood handle on
the clamp, cast al. handle on the blade.  Even the back gage on the table is
al. with a brass screw to tighten.  Just had the blade resharpened.  It has
a number of chips to the paint, some minor pitting to the outer gage, but
cuts very well and square.  Can handle Japanese tissue- 80 pt. binders
board.  It is a real beauty.


Jeff Peachey
150 E. 3rd. St., Suite 3E
New York, N.Y.  10009
(212) 387-7860

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