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Does anyone have any idea what time the workshops start and
how far Daniel Kelm's studio is from the Boston airport?



From:   Peter D. Verheyen[SMTP:pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:   Saturday, March 28, 1998 5:04 PM
To:     BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:        GARAGE ANNEX SCHOOL ANNOUNCES CLASSES FOR 1998: Spring & Summer


Spring & Summer

$20 materials fee

The range of books being produced today by artists is truly remarkable.
Some diverge wildly from what we recognize as traditional book form, others
play with slight variations. In either case the challenge of achieving a
desired expression often requires the use of a material or movement not
possible with traditional structures. Wire-edge hinging grew out of just
such a challenge. We will explore wire-edge configurations useful for
books, enclosures and articulated sculpture. Each participant will produce
both a codex and an accordion model.

PAPER CASTING AND MOLD MAKING May 23=9724 (Sat. & Sun.) $125 plus $25
materials fee

Paper pulp casting is a versatile and eloquent method of creating 3-f)
surfaces for book covers, boxes and artwork. Participants will learn
details of mold making, as well as pulp selection, preparation and handling
for casting. We ll also explore the use of molds for shaping materials such
as leather, suede and vellum.

BOX DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION June 13-14 (Sat. & Sun.) $125 plus $20
materials fee

Creative conceptualization of the box environment is the focus of this
workshop. On the first day, participants will explore the basics of
step-jointed, laminated-wall construction by producing models from pre-cut
materials. Because this technique is useful for making boxes ranging from
the very simple to the extremely complex, it is an ideal tool for creating
an environment to tell a story about=97or reflect the nature of=97the book o=
object contained. On the second day each participant will use information
from the previous day to build a mock-up structure that supports,
expresses, and contains an object that they bring to class.

FULL METAL BINDING July 11-12 (Sat. & Sun.) $125 plus $40 materials fee

A beautifully articulated binding is achieved through the complete
integration of all its parts. Most metal bindings with paper text fail at
this for one of two reasons. If a traditional structure is used to carry
the metal covers, the weight breaks the binding apart. Conversely, if the
metal covers are supported by a rigid spine structure the flexibility of
the book is compromised. My approach to integrating metal covers with paper
text is to look for models outside the tradition of book arts.
Surprisingly, the structures that have inspired me as having
characteristics most appropriate for metal binding are those found in
crustaceans and insects=97entities with flexibly hinged, rigid exoskeletons
supporting the soft material within. During this two-day workshop we ll
explore the requirements of combining metal with paper, and each
participant will construct a multi- signature codex binding with full metal

LEATHER ONLAY AND INLAY July 25-26 (Sat. & Sun.) $125 plus $15 materials fee

The secrets of leather onlay and inlay revealed! Participants will each
produce five models: four variations of onlay, and one inlay. Details of
paste production, leather preparation using the Scharf- Fix paring machine,
and onlay/inlay application will be covered. The onlay/inlay cutting system
that will be demonstrated and practiced is applicable to untooled,
hand-tooled, and machine-stamped designs.

LEATHER BOOKBINDING INTENSIVE August 10-14 (Mon.=97Fri.) $375 includes all

During this five-day intensive each participant will produce a full-leather
binding using techniques traditional to English and French construction.
Variations in structure and the characteristics of materials will be
discussed extensively. Endsheet configuration, text sewing, rounding and
backing, hand-sewn endlianding, spine lining, leather paring (both with
knife and manual paring machine), covering, and leather joint application
will be explored.

Enrollment is limited.All levels of experience are welcome. To secure a
space, please send a deposit of $50 for each two-day workshop and $100 for
the five-day intensive to:

Daniel E. Kelm
One Cottage Street #5
Easthampton, MA 01027

This fall we plan to offer workshops taught by special guest instructors.
Look for details in our next mailing, or phone for more information. (413)
527-8044. Instruction in both beginning level and highly-specialized
techniques and structures will be offered.

If you have any questions, please phone me at (413)527-8044. A list of
tools you need to bring will be sent prior to the workshop. Lodging should
be arranged on an individual basis. If you require recommendations, I will
be glad to help you. Public transportation is available, but limited. While
not strictly necessary, a car will make getting around easier.

More About the Wide Awake Garage and You

In addition to the creation of artist s books, interpretive fine bindings,
and alchemical explorations, Daniel and the mechanics (our crew) work on
special commissions and editions here in our studios. If you would like
expert help on your project, you may arrange consultations with Daniel.
Artists and publishers come to the Garage for a period of time in order to
gain the support of our personnel and access to our facilities. A popular
arrangement is to have two or three hours of consultation and instruction
in the morning, then use the Garage facilities for the remainder of the day
to work on production of your project. You may wish to do the entire
production yourself, or if your time is limited you may want the help of
our crew.

Daniel & Kelm
Biographical Information

The formal training I received in chemistry at the University of Minnesota
during the late sixties and early seventies led to five years in various
teaching and research positions at that institution. The social
reevaluation current to the time, however, finally prompted me to leave
academics, the realm of the mind, in favor of the arts and crafts, a place
where integration of mind and body is more easily achieved. This potently
symbolic and far-reaching shift from the chemistry and philosophy
departments to the library bindery on campus occurred twenty years ago, and
marked the beginning of my involvement with books. It initially led me
through employment in four production studios where I learned progressively
more specialized traditional bookbinding techniques. In 1983 I opened my
own studio, now called The Wide Awake Garage, where I design and produce
artist s books and interpretive fine bindings that combine traditional and
new materials in innovative book and box structures. I have taught classes
extensively throughout North America, and in 1991 I founded the Garage
Annex School for Book Arts.

>>     In schoen gebunden Buechern blaettert man gern.     <<

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