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Bookbinder's Warehouse "merger"

Hello Everyone,

Well, this will be a surprise to those of you who are familiar with the
Bookbinder's Warehouse, Inc. in Keyport, NJ., owned by Karen L. Crisalli.

Effective March 29, BBW has merged with BookMakers International of Riverdale,
Maryland, owner Ms. Cindy Mowery!

The Bookbinder's Warehouse, (owned for twelve years by Karen L. Crisalli), and
BookMakers Int'l, owned by Cindy Mowery about ten years, now bring over two
decades combined experience as suppliers of  bookbinding materials, book
conservation and restoration tools, equipment and supplies.

Together, the two companies will be able to reduce overhead, enlarge their
staff(s), and increase inventory levels to enable the two of us to offer you
better service.

All of the Bookbinder's Warehouse inventory has been transferred, just this
past weekend, to the Riverdale Maryland location, which is expected to move to
larger quarters in the next 90 days.  ALL of the products of the two companies
will continue to be available, but shipped from the one location. BOTH
catalogs will continue to be in effect until such time as a combined catalog
can be produced....don't expect THAT to happen for many months (it took BBW
years to produce their newest catalog!).

As for me (Karen L. Crisalli) I will for the meantime continue to work with
all BBW clients as before; for the next few months, if you call the old NJ
number (732) 264-0306 it will automatically switch to my (now) home-based
office and mail is forwarded to me there as well.  I will also be working from
the Riverdale Maryland office a few days every-other-week for the time being,
to help assure as smooth a transition as possible.

In the long run, you will all find this to be a perfect union of two companies
well-known in the bookbinding community. There may be a few hiccups along the
way, as we fine-tune the transition from two locales to one, so bear with us
if you get caught in one of the 'hics'. But, there will be far more 'ups' than
'hics', we can both assure you!

For the time being, please feel free to continue using the old Bookbinder's
Warehouse phone, fax, e-mail and snail mail address for any orders, queries,
quotes etc. for BBW catalog items, and use BookMakers phone, fax and mailing
address for items from their catalog.


Karen L. Crisalli
The Bookbinder's Warehouse, Inc.
P. O. Box 54 (old street address: 31 Division St.)
Keyport, NJ 07735-0054
phone (732) 264-0306
fax (732) 264-8266
e-mail: KarenC5071@xxxxxxx

Cindy Mowery
BookMakers International
6001 66th Ave., #101
Riverdale, MD 20737
phone (301) 459-3384
fax (301) 459-7629

Regards, Karen & Cindy

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