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TypeCon '98 Update

 SOTA/TypeCon '98 Update:

This is just to let listmembers know what's happening with the Society Of
Typographic Aficionados and TypeCon '98 (Oct 30-Nov 1, Westborough Marriott
in Westborough, Ma.).

1) We now have a website at http://tjup.truman.edu/sota, and a new email
contact address (sota@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). The website has a .pdf version of
our newly-redesigned Progress Report1 available for downloading (under the
"Publications" link).

2) In addition to Principal Speaker Matthew Carter, program participants now
include Chris MacGregor (Internet Type Foundry Index), Michael Leary
(Principal Designer, Galapagos Design Group and co author of Web Designer's
Guide to Typography), David Berlow (President, Font Bureau), John D. Berry
(the new editor of u&lc), and Astigma (Astigmatic One Eye Font Foundry).
More expected soon! We are looking for program participants from the
letterpress/book-arts community, and would be grateful for any help or
advice that listmembers can offer.

3) Our current prices for TypeCon '98: $45 until 9/18/98, $55 thereafter and
at the door (checks payable to Society Of Typographic Aficionados, mail to
P.O. Box 673, Mansfield, Ma. 02048-0673).

As always, your input is most welcome.


Bob Colby (for SOTA)

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