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What font is it?

Hello typo- and biblio-philes,

I've scanned a small section out of an old 18th century book I have, and
have put the image up at my site at...


Can anyone tell me exactly what font that is?

Also, are any of these early fonts -- complete with the long "ess" (s) and
nice "ct" ligatures (and whatever other ones) and stuff -- available in
digital format? Even better, are there any free fonts out there (hey, I'm
poor) like these that anyone knows of that are available for download or
that some kind soul would even just send me? I'm working on a piece that
I'd like to do up in the style of an incunabulum, and it would be wonderful
to have a font to use, rather than to have to scan each letter.

Thanks very much to anyone who can help me.

Ron :)

PS. Feel free to use this as an excuse to start a thread on early fonts,
typography, graphic/book design, early printing history, or whatever --
I'll love you forever if you do as this is a topic that I just can't get
enough of. :)))

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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