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Re: What font is it?

> Also, are any of these early fonts -- complete with the long "ess" (s) and
> nice "ct" ligatures (and whatever other ones) and stuff -- available in
> digital format?

This is a spontaneous response, without stopping to look anything up on the
net, but I remember that somebody made available a font based on the font
used in Shakespeare's First Folio - which must still be out there somewhere.
I am not sure that it was a particularly utilitarian font, I remember
somebody commenting that it had important characters missing, but it is

I'll try to find and post the relevent Web Address when I have the spare
time to fish around.

And *please* if anybody does respond to Ron Koster's question, publish it on
the List.  I - for one - would really like to hear the answers.

Thomas Larque.

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