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Uh oh... (was Re: What font is it?)

Uh, before I get flamed by everyone for asking, in part, if someone would
"send me a font" (to paraphrase), please note that I do have the greatest
respect for type designers and wouldn't ask people to send me something
other than what's free, hence the reason that I said -- and here I quote
verbatim -- "Even better, are there any free fonts out there (hey, I'm
poor) like these that anyone knows of that are available for download or
that some kind soul would even just send me?".

Just trying to stem a deluge over a misunderstanding before it really
starts to happen as people start rolling into work this morning.<g>

Ron ;)

At 08:29 02/04/98 -0500, someone wrote to me (off-list):
> or
>> that some kind soul would even just send me?
>Ron, just a gentle reminder that this is against the law.  You are hurting
>everyone when you pirate software, even fonts.
>Check with your local service bureau to see how they handle fonts with their
>clients.  Some have licenses that would allow you to have the screen font so
>you could do your layouts, but then you would have the service bureau do your
>outputting because they would keep the printer font.  Frankly, unless you're
>using several fonts, it's probably not all that expensive to buy the one font
>you need and be done with it.

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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